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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 30, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> announcer: and now, from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 at 11:00. >> right now, at 11:00, high drama during high tide in
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alexandria, rising water raising fear of more damage after sandy. >> across the area, roads are still under water. th thousands of people still in the dark. neighborhoods still picking up the pieces. >> devastation over much of the east coast. homes have been ripped from their foundations. >> sandy was a historic storm. the death toll risen to 46 now in the u.s. tonight, more than 8 million are without power. the jersey shore and new york city among the hardest hit. >> we begin, though, to tell us where sandy is, doug? >> sandy is still right on top of us. this storm is not going anywhere soon. the good news, here, though, is sandy has weakened dramatically. so we are no longer seeing those fierce winds anywhere across the northeast. that is some very, very good news. we will continue to watch this storm as it's continuing to make
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its way very slowly toward the north and east. last night, moving at 38 miles an hour as it slammed into the coast. now, it is moving at just a few miles an hour and it is just sitting and it is just spinning. cold air on the backside. warm air on the south side, along the east side of this storm. what a difference a day makes here as far as this storm is concerned. a few showers. big time snows. a few more showers as they can't to make their way through overnight. but the big story tonight is the cold air. temperatures right now in the 30s. 36 in hangerstown. only 42 degrees right now in washington, d.c. sandy is not done with us just yet. and she's not ready to leave, either. >> next stop, old town alexandria is no stranger to flooding. and the threat is efven after sandy moves north. shomari stone reports.
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>> reporter: right now, here in old town alexandria. it's only ankle deep because it has gone down. he tells me that they're concerned about the potomac river cresting on thursday. >> so what's your reaction when you look at these flood waters here? >> scary. >> bruce khyle checks out the minimal flooding after hurricane sandy ripped through. >> sar ri to say. sad for all of the businesses that are disrupted. like the star bucks over there. doesn't look like their sandbags are high enough. >> reporter: tonight, business owners are concerned about high tide, pushing water up the street, into shops, restaurants and causing thousands of dollars in damage. they say this flooding doesn't compare to hurricane isabell's destruction in 2003. >> it went right up to the corner and really caused a lot of damage. but, i mean, we really dodged a bull t here.
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>> reporter: some windows are covered in tape. sandbags stacked outside doorways. tourists are pleased and fascinated with the flood waters. >> you hate to see anybody get hurt by an act of nature. >> reporter: now, the mayor says that the city has passed out more than 5,000 sandbags like ne right here to protect businesses. i just got an update. the thai restaurant, the starbucks are closed right now obviously. we're hearing that the flood water is expected to continue if the potomac river crests on thursday. right here, news 4. >> a carnival cruise ship is holding in the chesapeake bay. it's called the carnival pride. it had to cancel a trip out of baltimore this weekend when the storm kept it from leaving that port. guests were given refunds and discounts on future bookings. >> lots of travel is still difficult. some people are still having a tough time navigating through
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the storm damage. roads are littered with debris and trees. other roads are completely under water. dorothy spencer is live with the scene. >> reporter: what i'm walking through right now is a branch of the river. it's overflowed one of its banks. this is what folks are going to have to contend with come tomorrow morning. >> water street is living up to its name. the main road leading to the county court house is flooded. the high water is leading off to a key commuter route. just as many prepared to prurn to work for the first time since sandy pounded the region. >> it's going to be really hectic. as you know, the courthouse is on the other side of the water. it's going to be a pain in the tail getting it in and out. >> marlboro pike is also one of several roads in prince georges that are closed because of flooding from local streams and creeks.
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water crept to the doorsteps ofsome businesses. >> last night, it wasn't like that. i mean, it was high, but nothing like it is now. >> while the road closures will be inconvenient, many voeks are just thankful the damage and flooding are not as bad as it could have been. >> the police have been out in force, which has been great. and everybody is stopped and not driven through the water. and that saves lives and saves us going outside to rescue. >> reporter: now u it's important to know that the prince county george's government will be opening, including the court biddings, this is one of them right here behind me. if you're coming down and have business to conduct here, make sure u you allow yourself some extra time to navigate these closed roads. reporting live, darcy spencer, news for. >> some ckayakers had to be pulled to safety. paramedics treated the kayak at
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the scene. >> tonight, hundreds of thousands of people are still in the dark as temperatures continue to fall. the brunt of the power outages are in northern virginia. dominion reported more than 45,000 people without power. pepco restored 90 percent of its customers. pg&e has more than 2500 outages in montgomery and prince george's counties. >> reporter: dominion power says 75% of their customers afekted have been restored. but there are still thousands of homes and businesses in northern virginia that are without power and this, right here, is the reason why these downed power lines is going to take another day or two before everyone is back online. >> the roar of a generator echoes in the darkness. sandy turned out the lights before leaving parts of northern
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virginia. the super storm came through and brought down power lines, this web of wires fell in arlington off south lincoln and 9th street. julio lost electricity at his home. the power leaves him with another problem. these workers hepping to clear out the two feet of water in his house. >> my basement, i had to pump the basement. no power. it don't work. >> reporter: tonight, dominion power says line men are addressing the easy fixes. but larger projects causing widespread outages will be tackled in the light of day. >> this is not that bad, though. it wasn't that bad this time around. but the one two months ago, it just jumped up out of nowhere. >> but for many in the dark now, the lights can't come on soon enough. >> it's probably going to be early tonight. they're working on it. >> reporter: tonight is optimistic. but it does not appear likely. there has been no sign of restoration crews out here.
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however, dominion does say they expect to have all of their customers fully restored by thursday. live in arlington, richard jordan, news 4. >> after a day of clean up, the federal government and most public schools in our area will reopen tomorrow. d.c. schools are open with the exception of brookland educational which may be closed because of power problems. and most halloween secelebratio will go on and scheduled. you can find a list of cancelled parades on nbc washington dot com. >> amtrak announced tonight that there will be no acela service in tnortheast corridor tomorrow. transportation reporter adam tusk with the latest now on tomorrow's commute. >> metro rail and metro busses running once again, but on a sunday schedule. that means service isn't running as frequently as it normally would.
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staying on the routes will return to normal on wednesday. emergency $15 d.c. taxi surcharge now gone. at the airport, still a tricky situation. this morning, a limited number of flights getting off the ground today. but as you can imagine, if you had a flight out of the area today or even tomorrow, good chance you're looking at some sort of impact whether it's a delay or cancellation. >> breaking news in new jersey now. the mayor of hoboken has told msnbc there are 20,000 people stranded in their homes in that town. mayor don zimmer says half of the city is flooded and the payloaders they're using to get the people can't make their way down some of the narrow city streets. the national guard is now trying to send equipment in to help. but, again, an estimated 20,000 people stranded in their homes in hoboken new jersey.
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>> sandy reshaped the new jersey coastline. the governor just released these pictures from seaside heights on the jersey shore. the two will tour the damage tomorrow. meantime, atlantic city remains closed to the public. virginia's task force 1 has been helping with rescue efforts near little ferry new jersey. a levy breech sent four feet of water pouring into the streets. people had to be pulled to safety. that's not the only coastal community with a big clean up ahead. >> add ocean grove new jersey to the list of places scarred by sandy. ocean front buildings in shambles. a testament to the power of the storm. nothing is where tshd be. signs with rules no long ere valid. benches not fit for sitting. and in darkened homes, the flicker of emergency lights. before sun down, it all looked
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even worse. this beach front building housing shops and a restaurant for rent is now laid bare. those who live here came to see for themselves what the monster storm left behind. it all came together and it -- you can see on the boards, it all went west. so it's probably the worst one i've ever seen. >> how do you characterize the damage you're looking at today? >> oh; devastating. devastating. it's just -- i mean, it changes the whole landscape. you look at the people's moods and attitude. it's people depressed. very down. >> but, tonight, new jersey governor chris christy tweeted there will be a few days of sorrow. but then new jerseyians will say to hell with this, let's get back to work. >> coming up tonight, new video from the aftermath of sandy. it left a terrible toll in new york city.
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tonight, we'll see the areas hit the hardest. >> people digging out after a bunch of snow from sandy. >> doug will tell us where sandy
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r . sandy is slamming the country with more than just rain or wind. a foot of wet snow fell. upwards of three feet fell in the mountains.
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blizzard conditions forised the closure of i-68. >> earlier, we heard a resident in alexanderia dodging a bullet. when you consider what happened in new york city, you know how true that was. >> no burough was spared. we started where a record storm surge almost 14 feet flooded the streets. millions of gallons of water flooded the battery tunnel and faces of buildings were ripped right off. >> in queens, 80 homes destroyed by a huge fire driven by the wind in a beach front neighborhood of breezy point. nearly 200 firefighters waded through the flood water trying to rescue people there. fortunately, most of the people in that neighborhood had evacuated before the storm hit. >> new york city's mass transit
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had been crippled. officials say it had been four days at least before trains are moving again in the runways at liguardia airport. j.f.k. and newark will open with limited service tomorrow. jay gray takes a look at the damage up and down the east coast. >> the new "jersey shore." the famed boardwalk splintered and evidence of the roller coaster tossed into the sea. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. >> along the coast, sandy left entire communities under water. >> the road just became a river. >> residents who rode out the storm. >> within 10 minutes, we had four feet of water in the basement. it was unbelievable. i never saw anything like that in my life. >> stranded until rescue teams took them to safety.
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high winds crippled the nation's largest city. neighborhoods were swallowed by the water that also seeped into the subway system. >> the workas started to bring the city back. >> sandy hit us very hard. it was a storm of historic intensity. but new yorkers are resilient. >> reporter: resiliences. the mayor now knows they'll need to recover from the damage sandy left behind. jay gray nbc news, battery park. >> it is hard to take it all in. the damage is so extensive. in new york, they worry about the tide tomorrow? the way that we are? >> their're a little worried about that. the potomac will flood again. probably another foot from where it is right now. for us, the next couple of days we finally get to see things calm down. what an amazing storm. yes, we did dodge a bullet. this was new york's perfect
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storm so to speak. you can see what's happening out there at reagan national airport where things are starting to get back to normal, at least hopefully the flights will be getting back to normal the next couple of days. people going back to school, back to work, sandy letting up. but not beginning to leave. not just yet. tracking sandy, take a look at this monster storm again. this storm is so big, the clouds all the way up here to wawards hudson bay and back up into canada. that is one of the biggest troughs i have seen in some time. what that means is we've got very cold air coming down from canada. we've got very warm air coming outs of the tropics. look at the high temperatures today. montreal, canada at 70 degrees. washington at 46 degrees. out there right now, we're current lif sitting at 42. it is a very chilly evening
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because we're on the backside of that storm, you can see the snow back here where they could pick up another 6-12 inches as sandy stays just to the north. the mountains here catching all of the moisture over the next couple of days. for us, we're going to see a couple of chances for some precipitation. maybe a few showers. but once again, they're not going to be able to get by the mountains, at least not many of them. you can see exactly what i'm talking about right here. here's the blue ridge. here's there's a few showers coming in through the warnton area. most of us starting to dry out. we've got some really wet roads. so be careful there. all of these areas in green are under flood warnings, especially the potomac. once again, we could be under water again. we'll be higher most likely tomorrow. we want to make sure we're raelly ready for that. if you're a business, you want to make sure you're ready for that. all of the streams hopefully going down over the next few days. the current temperature, winds
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out of the south west at 6. you say 6 miles an hour, that's not much of a wind. when you add it to the cold temperatures, you get a winld chill of 38. look at hagerstown, 29 degrees up there for them. sandy will stick around during the day tomorrow into the day on thursday, too. it is not moving very fast. that means we will stay on the cool side of things. we will stay rather cloudy. the snow will stayback there to the west. i do think we'll see a little bit better weather. tomorrow morning, waking up, going to work, cloudy, cold, showers possible. 35-39 degrees. wear those coats. you're not going to need them too long. temperatures back into the 50s and by this weekend, temperatures in the mid 50s with plenty of sunshine. so we're almost done. >> okay. >> o[ minto ] you know, those ads saying mitt romney
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this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. >> new season for the wizards, huh? >> let me tell you how things went for the wizards tonight. their leader scorer had 11 points in the game. their leading rebounder, a guy named earl barren who most recently played in the philippines and puerto rico. we are one game in the regular season and it is already very apparent until the wizards get healthy, they're not a very good basketball team. he was on hand for the wizard's opener and debut of their rookie, bradly biel, first kaurter, a.j. price, the new
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point guard finds biel on the wing. he hits the three but not many of them. 2 of 8 from the field. after trailing by 16 in the third, the wizards coming back in the fourth. down by one, genero pargo caps a 16-0 run. and the wizards have a 76-74 lead. but wait a minute. here comes irving. spin move to thompson for the dunk. cleveland ends the game on a 20-8 run. cavs win by 10. 94-84 the final. the players and coach had differing views on how things went down in the opener. >> we fought. we never quit. we could have laid down. being down 14, whatever it was. we fought back as a team, together. we made it interesting at the end of the game on the road. >> that wasn't the team i've seen the last four weeks. and i don't know if it's the first game. execution.
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offensiveblly was horrendous. you know, we were doing things out on the floor that i didn't ever see any of these guys do before. >> nowhere to go but up. redskins waiting to see what his punishment will be. hall was ejected and didn't want to talk about the incident after the game. but, today, he made his regular appearance on 106.7, the fan, and did address the situation. >> definitely, if you could go back and change some things, you definitely would. but i'm a heated competitor, man. i'm a heated competitor. i felt like i was, you know, playing that football game as hard as i could, as clean as i could. you know, until that particular play, it was kind of like, you know, these guys kicking our butt up and down the street. you're going to cheap shot me and not do anything about it, that's what got under my skin a little bit.
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>> he also implied that the referee was saying some things, as well. gold gloves awarded tonight. adam laroche gets his giving the orioles a major league best three gold-glove winners.
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up in new york, officials made a tough decision for security reasons. what they decided to do is
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cancel the village halloween parade for the first time in that event's history. this would have been the 39th annual parade. 2 million people were expected at this country's largest public halloween celebration. it is a blast, by the way. organizers are asking people to volunteer, instead, at their local neighborhood outreach centers to help storm victims. >> wow. >> something like that is quite an event. >> i don't think people will have to be asked to help out anymore. >> no, i don't think so, either. >> we hope we'll see you for news 4 tomorrow. good night.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "wreck it ralph," john c. reilly.


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